Discuss the significance of the paper to immunology.

You must include a copy of the original research article when you submit your colloquy or your paper will NOT be graded. The paper is to be turned in by email ONLY. Your emailed paper MUST be submitted as PDF document NOT a Microsoft Word or a Pages document.
The title of your document must be Last Name BIOB 410 Paper.
You are highly encouraged to begin searching for your paper early. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your chosen paper we can go through it together.
Purpose: To introduce prospective scientists to literature-searching and contemporary research in immunology and to read and write the language of science. Every exam will also include a significant writing component (>30% of total points), but this will be your opportunity to write a formal paper and demonstrate your scientific writing literacy. This also fulfills the writing requirement, as this is a 1/3 W course.
4 full pages double-spaced and typed. Page 5 and above will not be read
Begin with a brief introduction of the topic, goals of the research, etc.
Follow this section with a discussion of the experimental approach, and justification (rationale), but dont go into excessive detail on methodology. Why did they use immunofluorescence? Why did they do a mixed lymphocyte reaction? etc. What did they find and how did they follow up with the next experiment? If there are any flaws or missing data (e.g. controls), note them.
Finally, discuss the authors conclusions. Do the data presented support their conclusions? If you do not agree with the authors, explain. How could the paper be improved?
Discuss the significance of the paper to immunology. DO NOT start the sentence with The significance to immunology is…

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