Africa is not a country.

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Part of understanding global inequality is understanding the differential power and dynamics between different countries. The representation of the entire continent of Africa as a homogeneous entity reflects this. Despite Western discourses on the inferiority and homogeneity of Africans, there is incredible variation among the cultures, groups, religions and people on the continent.

In 350-500 words or a 2-3 minute video, respond to the following including at least 2 key concepts from this module. These terms should be bold in written responses and clearly stated in video responses.

Visit the website “Africa is a Country”, a website that promotes African-centered media to challenge the misrepresentation of the entire continent as one entity and highlight the diversity among the 55 countries that comprise the African continent.
Pick an article of your choosing from this website about global inequality and read it closely. The inequality can be within a country or between countries.
Summarize the article explaining what it is about.
Analyze the article thinking about whether it challenges any common stereotypes about Africa.
Do you think it makes a difference to find out news about African issues from the perspective of Africans?

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