What are some key developmental tasks of early adulthood?

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Use the Academic Project Rubric to guide your project. You have the choice to produce a slide deck (PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.) or to create a multi-page infographic or educational brochure on an application like Canva. Make sure that the file you upload to the assignment submission folder is either a PowerPoint or a PDF file. Other file types will not be graded due to being inaccessible with the assignment submission tool.

Your slide deck, brochure, or infographic may use bullet points and illustrations to organize and convey information. Slide decks should be approximately ten slides total, plus a slide for references.

Here is the format your document should follow:

On your first slide (or first part of your brochure or infographic), identify some of the foundational aspects of early adulthood using the course text and supplemental course readings. What are some key developmental tasks of early adulthood?
Then, choose Option A or Option B to complete the rest of your slides.

Option A:
Generational Challenges – It’s Time We Stopped Shaming Millennials
Watch “It’s About Time We Stopped Shaming Millenials” in its entirety. In your slide deck, answer some of these questions using specific examples from your own life, the textbook, and your scholarly readings:

If you are not part of the millennial generation or generation z, how do the challenges of today’s young adult differ from the challenges faced by your own generation? How are the challenges similar?
If you are a part of this generation or generation z, how accurate was this documentary regarding the challenge of your generation? What important challenges were left out?
What does it mean to you (regardless of which generation you are a part of) to be a young adult in today’s society? How does identity development change during these formative years?

(for both Options)
Based on your readings and your personal experience, share the following on your final slide: What did you like/dislike about the information in the video(s) that you watched? Do you feel like it offered some insight on concepts in early adulthood? Remember to provide personal and/or scholarly examples as evidence for your answers.

A strong assignment

Contains scholarly analysis, using evidence from the textbook and at least three academic sources to support observations and reflections.
Focuses on theory and research, integrating both throughout

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