Refer to the Course Schedule for the due date.

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Refer to the Course Schedule for the due date. For this assignment, you will evaluate the use of EHR systems in a rural hospital. This activity will give you experience learning how to conduct an online search for EHRs that are commercially available.
Select the EHR Case Study title link above and select View Rubric for the grading criteria.
Read The Implementation and Sustainability of Electronic Health Records.
Conduct an online search to familiarize yourself with various types of electronic health records (EHR) that are currently commercially available.
Select one that you think could be used in a hospital or large clinic environment.
Keep in mind interoperability and any standardized language that is used in the EHR you select.
Download and complete the Beginning Use of EHR Template [DOCX] Click for more options Beginning Use of EHR Template [DOCX] – Alternative Formats . Follow these guidelines:
Each outline topic must include a source as a reference for your information.
Use valid internet websites, journals, and/or your textbook as references.
You may use your sources multiple times as long as they are applicable to the topic.
If the outline item is not found in the EHR, mention that it is “not available.”
At least one reference must be from a journal either online or from the UA library database.
Save the document as yourname-EHR.
Submit your assignment as an attachment by selecting the title link above.

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