Human Relations

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For this paper, provide a critical analysis of one of the books provided below. The source material for the class will be located below provide book list. I would like a personal reactions to the book, including the reasons for these reactions. The goal of this review is to interact with the material and to provide perspective on it within the context. reflect on the contents of the book, to respond to the author if you see that as important, and to provide your perspectives on the content of the book.

1. Blood and earth: Modern slavery, ecocide, and the secret to saving the world, K. Bales, 2016
2. A long way gone: Memoirs of a boy soldier, I. Bea, 2007
3. Night, E. Wiesel, 2006
4. No good men among the living: America, the Taliban, and the war through Afghan war, A. Gopal, 2015
5. The underground girls of Kabul: In search of hidden resistance in Afghanistan, J. Nordberg, 2015
6. Poor Economics, Banerjee, A.V. & Duflo, E., 2012

Source material for class is Exploring International Human Rights: Essential Readings (Critical Connections: Studies in Peace, Democracy, and Human Rights)
by Rhonda L. Callaway (Author, Editor), Julie Harrelson-Stephens (Editor)

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