Discuss the developmentgal stage of all members of the family using Erikson’ s developmental stages of development.

Complete the Friedman family assessment model (short form). Pg. 584–585- Stanhope & Lancaster.
Identifying data- numbers-3-8 ( no family name or address or phone number) Identify family as family A.
Developmental stage and history of family numbers- 9-12.
Explain the family life cycle stage the chosen family is currently in and explain the family developmental tasks and if the family is achieving them. (pg 300 in Stanhope & Lancaster)
Discuss the developmentgal stage of all members of the family using Erikson’ s developmental stages of development https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK556096/ Environmental data numbers- 13-17
Family stress and coping numbers 25-28
State one healthy people objective that relates to your family assessment.https://health.gov/healthypeople/objectives-
Explain your choice of the Healthy People objective, goals and why this is important for your chosen family.

****Family background***
The family consist
mother a father and son
mother is a CNA the
father a security guard
Son is going into the eighth grade this upcoming school year
the family is primary English speaking
they currently live in a two bedroom apartment paying 1300 a month.
The mothers Is 40 years old and the dad is 42
Ericksons developmental stage generativity versus stagnation
The son developmental stage industry versus inferiority

The family currently lives in a two bedroom apartment in a middle class area apartment in jersey city
Apartment consist of two bedroom living area dining room one bathroom and kitchen
Both mom and dad drive
They’ve lived in Jersey City their whole life both the mother and father’s parents are living
All live in Jersey City except for the mothers father who lives in New York
The decision making is made by the mother mostly
Sometimes theres conflict because the mother is more responsible than the father the father finds difficulty keeping a job
The mothers priority is to put her son through school
The mother finds frustration in not being able to go back to school ideally she would like to become a registered nurse she’s tired of being a CNA but she has to work doubles shift at work in order to make ends meet and she expressed unable to count on the dad because he’s more concerned with spending money on recreational things.

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