Write an essay on “Art Treasure Hunt”

Write an essay on “Art Treasure Hunt”
Michelangelo often used the phrase Promo Pensioner, meaning first thoughts, as he shared his preliminary sketches of the Sistine Ceiling with the Pope. For this sessions devotional, please share your promo pensioner of the painting below. Because your response should be your “first thoughts,” the provenance of this painting, author, time period, etc. will not be provided.
Write down your first reaction to the painting; note the scene, theme, tone of the painting. What is being depicted here? What is your initial feeling?
Now discover who painted the painting. (Hints: Not Michelangelo though a possible contemporary. A short bio of him is in Chapter 10. If you think it is depicting a Bible story in the New Testament, Google that phrase and see what you come up with!)
After you have hunted down all the information, please submit a one page reflection on your thoughts, the meaning of the painting, and the possible motivation of the artist. Use APA citation and