Analyze the process of professional socialization and re-socialization.

Think back over the semester and reflect on the course assignments and your learning.

Submit a 1-2 page reflection paper (double space, 12 Times New Roman font). Address the following elements:

Identify 3-5 “take away” lessons ranked in order of importance.
-Analyze the process of professional socialization and re-socialization.
-Explore professional nursing roles and responsibilities in the delivery of health care to individuals, groups, and communities.
-Demonstrate critical thinking in describing the relationships among culture, socioeconomic status, spirituality, law, ethics and professional nursing practice.

Discuss how each take away lesson impacts your nursing practice.
Recall and rate your most and least favorite assignments with rationale.
Favorite assignment: Module 2 discussion because we discussed religion and spiritually in the practice of nursing and I was able to apply it to daily life.
Less favorite assignment: Scholarly paper on nursing shortage in the nursing profession. This the assignment that I got the lowest grade on, and I didn’t completely understand the expectations