Write a qualitative research article published within the past five years

Write a qualitative research article published within the past five years related to the practice issue you’ve identified here “The issue of shift reporting has been chosen based on my experience in nursing practice dealing with patients recovering in emergency wards. When it comes to nursing practice, shift reporting is among the most important elements since this will advise the incoming nurse on the steps to take in regard to treatment and care for the patient (Stimpfel et al., 2020). However, in most case, there is little attention on what might be lost when the nurse conduct reports in their respective workstation as compared to delivering shift reports at the bedside. With prolonged shift hours, it means that the nurse is likely to forget the most vital issue regarding the patient when they document the report during shift change. The accuracy of the nurse is often compromised in this sense when it comes to the medications administered, the number of times administered, the patient complaints, vital checks among other aspects of reporting.”
Then Review the article attached by (Chicca, 2020) that includes a list of questions to ask when evaluating a qualitative research study. Using the given questions, write a 2-3 page (not including title page and references page) critique of your chosen qualitative research study.


Chicca, J. (2020). Introduction to qualitative nursing research. American Nurse Today, 15(6), 14. Retrieved from Introduction to qualitative nursing research