Explain why the nurses are in dilemma.

I have 3 pages introduction paper. Use the topics and concepts from the introduction paper but not all the references. i have included what needs to be taken out from the paper- i highlighted it in red.
Comments I got on my introduction paper- which was graded D because of grammar and citation/ reference

1. Change the intro paragraph!
2. Use paragraph 3 and 4 as introduction
3. Use the topic in the introduction paper but explain in details. I have included the rubric to assist you with this.
4. At least 3 nursing journals must be included.
5. There was APA errors on this paper please make. Please pay attention for APA format and grammar errors.
6. must follow the rubric to get grade
– final paper will be 6 1/2- 71/2pages
-Explain why the nurses are in dilemma.