Part B: Completing Differentiated Instruction

Now, get to know a case study student who will likely still struggle, despite the universal design technique that you’ve incorporated. Then, differentiate this lesson to provide additional scaffolds for that student.

In order to do so:

Identify the case study student’s strengths and needs related to engagement, understanding, and action & expression
Prioritize one of the student’s needs to address first. Explain your rationale
State your differentiation objective
Identify a strategy for meeting that objective
Revise your plan to show how you will implement the strategy in your upcoming lesson

A Note on Scoring

Your work will be assessed on the criteria in the rubric above. Please review the rubric and exemplar prior to completing your assessment to gain a better understanding of what proficiency and advanced planning skills look like. Then, use the rubric to evaluate your work before you submit it, in order to ensure that the product you are submitting is strong.