Healthy Habits

The writer must demonstrate APA, at an introductory level, in-text citations, the use of bias-free language, and a properly constructed reference list. The writer is expected to use clear and fluent language with no errors in grammar, usage, or spelling. The writing must be clear to the audience both in content and style. The paper is expected to be double spaced using a 12pt Times New Roman font. There is not a minimum word/page requirement, and the maximum limit is seven pages. The quoted page maximum limit excludes the pages used for a title page and reference list(s).
Community Habit Paper Sections This paper will be written in the third person since it is about your personal experiences. Only the evaluation section (section number 3) can be written in first person. You are writing to the public as your audience.
1. Explanation of Issues: Identify a behavior that negatively affects an individual’s health that you would like to learn more about.
● Identify a health problematic behavior (Ex: alcoholism, drug use, vaping, lack of sleep, etc.)

Instructions and rubrics are attached in the files.