God is present everywhere at the same time with the same intensity. What characteristic is this called? OMINIPRESENT

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1. God is present everywhere at the same time with the same intensity. What characteristic is this called? OMINIPRESENT

2. The Mosaic covenant can be regarded as a conditional covenant
3. The correct application of God’s word means that one has used the rules & principles that have just been considered In a self-appraising manner
4. are periods in history in which God establishes different responsibilities for His people, Levitical Priesthoods 3.A

5. Highlight and explain eight characteristics that God possesses.
Omnipotent All powerful
Omniscient Always present
Sovereign The ultimate
RighteousHe is never wrong
Just Everything about him is in alignment
Love Unconditional nature of his care for us
Immutable Cannot be replaced
Truthful His word is final

6.Can a Covenant be regarded as an agreement between God and men? If so, expantiate by listing the types of covenants studied in the Course.
Types of covenant
New covenant of Israel
The new covenant to Israel
7. The Levitical Priests offered annual sacrifices. Royal Priests are to offer themselves. What is the difference?
Levitial poets provide scarifies while the royal prizes have responsibilities of spreading salvation

8.Since Jesus Christ was born, died and rose again in fulfilment of prophecy, what can we say about the prophetic word? The prophetic word is to be trusted of things to come

9.Define the following terms –
* Omnipotent; All knowing
* Sovereign: Lives on forever
* Omniscient: All present

10.Why is it necessary to apply scripture, this is because it is the true word of God that guides our faith. It is the true covenant of God.It helps us know God’s plan for our lives just as it was depicted through the lives of many people in the biblical times

11.What perfect law must we hold to for blessing to occur according to James 1: 25? The perfect law of liberty, freedom from the bondage of sin

12.We he 4 clear dispensation since the fall of Adam From Adam to Noah to Abraham then to Moses, lately to the apostle times, Gos uses men in all those historical times to fulfill the word , to answer to tests and revelation.

13.List and explain some guidelines to be followed in the interpretation of prophecies.The prophet must give the interpretation. Check if scripture has fulfilled such interpretation and understanding the language of the prophecy.

14.Explain this thought _ “Proper application of God’s word is built on Proper interpretation.” God is capable of relaying his Word in a language for us to understand.

15. List and explain five hindrances to Proper Interpretation.
1. Carnality Ongoing sinful lifestyle
2. Vanity. Seeking fame and recognition and applause of men
3. Partiality Bias based on personal preference
4. Lack of consistency, Not regularly practicing and reading as well as studying of the word of God
5. Faulty reasoning Trying to understand the power of God solely through the human faculty

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