Critical Analysis of Nucor Steel USA’s Raw Material Supply Chain Management System

Evaluation of the Raw Material (Inbound Logistics) of Nucor Steel USA using desktop research, interviews and/or questionnaires. To be completed in United Kingdom English and referencing formation is Harvard-Anglia.

Identification of the type of system currently used (include the tools and theories applied by Nucor, where applicable). Use a minimum of two tools to analyse the inbound logistics (SCORE analysis must be one) and then narrow it down to pig iron and relate it to the shortfall of pig iron in the US market and what Nucor is and can do to counteract that.

Consideration must be given to the geopolitical situation, the war in Ukraine, the pandemic

Recommendations for improvement given the current business cycle; environmental, social and corporate governance and external factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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