Use critical thinking skills in order to analyze a film of your choice.

Use critical thinking skills in order to analyze a film of your choice. The main purpose of this final paper will be applying major theoretical perspectives and sociological concepts to events in the film. You should take what you know from class and assess the film from a sociologists point of view. This paper should include an analysis from each of the three sociological perspectives (Functionalist, Conflict, Symbolic Interaction) and utilize theoretical underpinnings from each perspective or course concepts to evidence your point (e.g. internationalist, feminism, looking-glass self, labeling theory, strain, norms, deviance, socialization, subcultures, countercultures, social constructions, etc.). Your paper should also include a brief overview of the film. Remember that this is a formal paper that requires correct punctuation, grammar, citations, thesis statement, etc.


Title page with appropriate APA formatting

Four (4) academically sound sources (Three of which need to be from outside your book. Remember that the film does not count as one of your sources, yet you should reference it in your paper and references page)

APA in-text citations

References Page

Six (6) FULL pages

Double Spaced

1 Inch Margins

Times New Roman

12 point font

Page numbers

Headers (not required but can be utilized)

You do not need an abstract