Your final project presentation will be focused on a topic that you select from the USGS Geological Service website. You can find the link in Unit 8 directly below this assignment tab. Research and select one major topic area from the menu tabs on the top right of the home page. Provide a thorough review of your topic, include statistical data, location, distance, composition, biologicals, and provide pictures and any current data if applicable. You will also find one peer-reviewed journal article pertaining to your selected topic. In the “Getting Started” module you will find a lib-guide created specifically for this course, and it will provide you with a wealth of peer-reviewed journal articles that you may use for this assignment. Be sure to provide a URL for your journal article. Submit your presentation to this area when complete.

Presentation requirements:

Title Page (1 slide)
Introduction (1- 2 slides)
Body of Information (4 – 8 slides, not including pictures)
Data (1 – 2 slides, including charts)
Analysis (1 – 2 slides, including charts)
Conclusions (1 – 2 slides)
References (as many as needed) APA style