Write a Clinical Psychology Journal 7

Before beginning this journal, be sure you have watched “How to Actively Listen to Others” which is also listed on the reading page for this unit. During the week watch for opportunities to practice the closing suggestion in this video, “Listen, be wholly present in the moment, drop those expectations, accept that point of view that you struggle with, and then act.” (Pierce, 2019, 14:05). Practice this approach on three occasions during the week. This could be in an interaction with a family member or friend, a work situation, or any other applicable scenario where you have a chance to correspond with someone. An ideal scenario would be one in which it is beneficial to the conversation for you to actively listen to the perspective of the other person. This is the type of listening that is needed in a clinical setting. Take notes reflecting on the experience shortly following each of the three conversations. For this journal reflect on the process and what you learned from practicing these techniques in each of the three conversations.

Relate what you learned to material in the text or the video about active listening, and be sure to cite your source(s).

Pierce, S. (2019, September 30). How to actively listen to others. [Video]. YouTube. TEDx Talks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq5pJ0q3xuc