Explain how a test differs from the overall process of assessment.

Assessment of clients encompasses a broad range of skills and tasks. In preparation for this assignment you will investigate a range of skills and assessment tasks and explain which would be utilized in two distinct positions, of your choosing. To prepare for writing the paper, first carefully review the course materials on this topic. Then conduct your own research to deepen your understanding of how these skills and tasks are utilized in the field of clinical psychology.

Begin a 2-3-page expository essay by explaining the difference between screening and assessment. Then explain how a test differs from the overall process of assessment.

Next, for each of the following skills and tasks explain what is involved, and provide at least two examples of how/where each would be used in clinical practice. For those that can be utilized in undergraduate level positions, one example should be in an undergraduate level position and one in a graduate level position. Be sure to support your explanation with scholarly references.

Active listening
Open/closed questions
Clinical interviewing
Foundational components of the diagnostic process
Finally, choose one of your examples and explain how concepts of multiculturalism and diversity would apply in that example. Describe how a clinician could act as an agent of change for a client, by properly relating in a culturally appropriate manner.