Compare and contrast two or three of the speakers in The Symposium.

Socrates Speech, Plato The Symposium (read from the beginning to the end of Pausaniass speech (

Essay topic:
Compare and contrast two or three of the speakers in The Symposium. Which had the more persuasive conception of love?

How should the Essay be structured?
1. Introduction and Overall Thesis (example: This paper argues that As ideas provide us with a better understanding of love than Bs ideas. The essay will provide three arguments and counter-arguments in order to demonstrate the superiority of A over B. The paper will then conclude with recommendations for future research and social policy in light of the arguments provided.
i. Argument (paragraph) (example: A contends that love comes from our desire for immortality.
Counter-argument (paragraph) (example: In contrast B claims that comes from our desire for a soulmate.
Reply (paragraph) (example: As argument is superior because while love is a desire for a soulmate it is an aspiration to be with that soulmate forever.)
ii. Argument, Counter-argument, Reply
iii. Argument, Counter-argument, Reply

2. Conclusion (Restate argument, counter-arguments, and replies.
Then discuss social and theoretical implications of the essay.

How is the Essay evaluated?
1. Does the essay have a clear thesis statement?
2. Does the essay provide at least three thoughtfully argued reasons for the thesis? (This includes counter-arguments)
3. Does the essay have an adequate number of citations (20-30 citations from the Norton Anthology)?
4. Is the essay well-written in terms of grammar, structure, and style?
5. Does the conclusion restate the argument, the reasons, and the counter-arguments?
6. Does the conclusion deal with the implications of the thesis, that is, does it propose better social policies or future research?
7. Is the essay convincing? Why or why not?