Psychology of Persnality

*** When citing the pdf lessons, list author as “Rio Salado.”
Lesson 9: 300 words each question
Lesson 10: 500 words each question

Lesson 9 Essay Assignment (60 points)
Each response minimum: 300 words.
Your responses should balance personal reflection with information from the lesson materials and required readings. You must use at least three resources, one of which may be the online lesson. Do additional research as necessary. Include in-text citations and a reference list in APA format.
1. Modules 9.1 and 9.2 discuss some concerns with Skinner’s theory of radical behaviorism. Read these sections carefully and answer the following questions. You should write at least one paragraph for each section. The response should be in an essay format – should be addressed in one cohesive essay (not a bulleted response):
– Review the concerns expressed in the modules about Skinner’s theory of radical behaviorism. Describe this theory and explain why you agree or disagree that Skinner’s theory is not a personality theory. Thoroughly explain your reason for agreeing or disagreeing using relevant examples.
– Describe some of the ways that parents shape their children’s behaviors and personalities, using examples of how your own parents rewarded or encouraged you while you were growing up. Are these examples of operant conditioning?
– Can operant conditioning be used in the real world? If so, in what settings would this theory be useful? If not, why not?

2. Modules 9.5-9.7 discuss Kelly’s suggestion that we use personal constructs in the same way that scientists use theories to predict what will happen in our lives. Read these sections carefully and answer the following questions. The response should be in an essay format – and should be addressed in one cohesive essay (not a bulleted response):
– Examine the photo below and analyze it by describing what you think is going on in the scenario. Which of your own the experience(s) influenced your thought process in coming to these conclusions?
– Using Kelly’s theory of personal constructs, explain how people view the world through their own perspectives and personal constructs.
– Describe one of your own personal constructs as an example.
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Lesson 10 Exam 2 (100 points)
Content Requirements

Your exam will require you to answer the following two prompts completely.
Write 2 cohesive essays of 500 or more words.

1. Cattell created a great deal of controversy with his views on nationality, race, intelligence, and achievement. Write an essay that includes all of the following:
– Read the article Raymond Cattell: Extremist Info (opens in a new tab) and consider what effect, if any do you think it has on the field of psychology when one of its leading scientists makes an issue of such controversy?
– Consider how Cattell’s views and Allport’s views have influenced science. Write about Allport’s views and compare the two different points of view.
– Discuss which of the two theories you believe has had the greatest impact on science and why.
2. Watch the video Brene Brown: The Price of Invulnerability(opens in a new tab). The purpose of the video is to provoke meaningful thought and change the way we view ourselves and everything around us. After watching the video, answer the following prompts using at least one paragraph per prompt (for a minimum of 3 paragraphs).
– How can you relate to this topic in your everyday life? Give examples.
– Share 1 observation about the video.
– Do you agree that our society “numbs” vulnerability? Why or why not? How so?

Other Requirements
Write in organized paragraphs with full sentences, using correct grammar and spelling. You must include resources, of which one may be the online course lessons. Include in-text citations where applicable.