Information management: Business Networks and Telecommunication.

1. What are the most popular operating systems for mainframe computers? Personal computers?

2. If you were going to develop a new mobile application for the Android, what are the various software development kits that you would consider?

3. The use of 4GLs is said to contribute to programmer productivity. How so?

4. What is multimedia? Give five examples of how this technology can be used in training, customer service, and education.

5. With so many ready-made software packages available, why do some companies commission software development projects?

6. Office applications are often called productivity tools. Why?

7. Electronic spreadsheets are great tools for modeling. Give an example of a model that shows gradual growth of a phenomenon and describe how you would implement it in a spreadsheet.

8. What are the different media in multimedia?

9. What is the importance of 3-D geographic software? For which types of organizations is it useful?

10. What is the difference between system software and application software?

11. What are the advantages of developing a website using a tool such as Artisteer or Joomla? Are there any disadvantages?

12. Linux is a free and stable operating system, which is a great advantage. What are the disadvantages of adopting it?

13. What is the difference between an interpreter and a compiler?

14. To a compiler or interpreter any logic is legitimate, even if it results in a bad program. Why can’t compilers and interpreters detect logic errors in a program?

15. What are the main elements to consider when purchasing ready-made software for an organization?

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