OSA/CHF Case Study Treatment Plan Assignment

Each student is a member of a health care team who is responsible for assessing the patient, providing accurate and appropriate education, making clinical recommendations to primary care physicians, and for follow-up care.

The purpose of this exercise is to examine the attached case study to assess the patient’s social, psychological, and medical barriers to self-management, identify concerns, and provide a detailed treatment plan.

The student will develop a ” Treatment Plan” assuming the role of a respiratory therapist employed at an outpatient pulmonary practice. Formatting and Instructions are as follows:

Formatting requirements:

a. Title Page: needs to include name, case study title, course name, and date.

b. Double-spaced Times New Roman 12-point font Word document. A PDF document will not be accepted.

c. Page numbers

d. You must have a minimum of 3 references from peer reviewed journals. All references should be in APA style.

e. Separate reference page.

f. 3-4 pages in length not including title page and reference page.


After reviewing the case study, you must create a care/treatment plan for the patient. Please see the attached case file for the case study.

Your paper must include the following:

1. Identify and describe two barriers to self-management for this patient as related to the attached “Barriers to Self-Management” file (below).

2. Identify one short-term goal per identified barrier to provide the patient to help address overcoming these barriers (these goals must be measurable, obtainable, and can be implemented by the patient to begin engagement in self-management).

3. Describe your continuing care plan and interventions beyond your identified short term goals to further address these barriers for the patient.

4. Provide an evidence-based rationale for your care plan/interventions.

Below is a list of Barriers to Self-Management that can be used as a guide: