Digital Exploration Assignment #2

Words: 212
Pages: 1
Subject: Uncategorized

For this assignment you are to write a reaction based upon EITHER “How does Colonialism Shape The World We Live In?” [See Modules] OR “LANDBACK: A Tipi Village Takes on Healing & Homelessness”

Upon witnessing this content, you are to provide a critique and assessment of the film based on materials covered in class. The papers must be 1.5-2pgs in length in 12 font/ Times New Roman and double spaced.

Consider responding to the following questions in your paper:

I.-What messages were being conveyed by the film?

– How might this apply to your own lived experiences?

– How does this connect to the readings?

– How does this enhance, support, or change your understanding of race in American society or Ethnic Studies?

In grading these assignments, I will be looking for you to respond with a analytical or a reflective lens.

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