Reflection Paper Submission

My chosen family topics are: Emotional/psychological abuse of children, Physical abuse of children, Neglect of children, Consequences of child abuse and neglect, and how it all leads to Abuse later in life.

write an 8 to 10-page reflection paper (not including the cover page or
references). The purpose of the paper is not just to specifically test
knowledge, but to also force critical thinking about several topics.

Outside research is required, all sources used must be properly cited within the paper and references provided in accordance with the 6th edition of APA Publication Manual. A minimum of 10 scholarly sources is required.

Paper Structure

I. Cover Page
A. Specific paper title
B. Your name
C. University name

II. Introduction
A. Hook: Use a catchy statement to set the tone and introduce the paper.
B. Briefly mention the main points of your paper (i.e., topics).
C. Thesis: Include all important aspects and ideas in a single statement.

III. Topic Reflections
For each topic chosen incorporate the following:
A. What is most concerning to you about this topic?
B. What about this issue needs to be better addressed? How?
C. Use outside research (scholarly journal articles) to substantiate your points.

III. Conclusion
A. Repeat your thesis in different words.
B. Review the most important aspects of your chosen topics.
C. Final closing thoughts.

IV. References
List all sources used in proper APA format. See the course syllabus for a correct APA reference for the course textbook heavy hands 6th edition.