Poster presentation – Evidence-Based Project PICOT question

Attach you will find two poster presentations, both created by the same person, both wrong. This is the reason why I’m requesting a top writer, I need to get the maximum for this project. It looks like our professor has A LOT OF TIME to go through all the presentations and when we submitted the draft she ripped it off basically. You will see that there is a poster with less information (this is the one she added all the negative comments on it) and the second one (with the name “SECOND”, to differentiate it). I will also attach samples of previous poster presentations that she provided for us to have an idea. I will also attach my original PICOT question, as well as my literature review with her feedback on it (she also made us feel we didn’t know anything about RESEARCH). Also, you will see attach her instructions for this project. Please use a top writer in the area of evidence-based research and literature because this lady will go through every single reference and check if they are in the proper APA format and the proper level of evidence. Thanks