Write a paper focusing on a Criminal Profile of Gary Steven Grist

ONE PAGE is on the details of the background and on the details of the crime. The OTHER PAGE is on THEORY. You are to select 3 different theories from our textbook ONLY from Chapter 4 Biological Theories, or Chapter 6 Psychological and Psychiatric Theories, or Chapter 7 Social Structure Theories, or Chapter 8 Theories of Social Process and Social Development. Select a theory, who created the theory, what are the main concepts in the theory, then apply the theory to the facts of your case, write as if you were writing for your grandmother who knows nothing about theory, go into every detail and explain every concept etc. For example, you might pick one Biological Theory, one Psychological Theory and one Social Process Theory= 3 theories.

Write a paper focusing on a Criminal Profile of Gary Steven Grist. You are ONLY to use the information on page 77.
This is a 2 page paper, but you can write more if you wish. The first page will cover the background of the criminal and you may include any information on childhood history, family history, neighborhood,educational history, childhood friends and adult friends, work history, marital or interpersonal relationships, medical history, and other background information you deem important. The most critical aspects of an offender’s background are those factors that point to criminality. If the offender did well in school then that is of NO concern in the criminal profile. If the offender had problems with the teachers, fought with the other students, acted out in class and played truant, then those issues are pertinent to a budding criminality. You pick and choose what background factors you will pay attention to. The first page will also cover the details of the offenders’ crimes, and give special attention to the major crime. You again pay specific attention as to how he committed the crime, how he selected his victims, the techniques he used to commit the crime, his motivation, the steps he took to avoid getting caught and give some attention to how he was caught. Also, touch on his treatment in the Criminal Justice System. ALL OF THIS IS ONE PAGE, the facts of the offender’s background and the details of the crime are interesting but the HEART OF A CRIMINAL PROFILE IS USING THEORY. Give me 50 pages on background and details of the crime and NO THEORY and that is an “F”.

The most important part of a Criminal Profile is the use of theory to explain why a criminal committed a crime, the techniques he used to commit the crime, his motivation for the crime, whether he is a good candidate for rehabiliation. We use theory to better understand what makes a criminal TICK.

Steps to use Theory: 1) Select a theory, 2) explain who created the theory, and 3 explain main concepts of the theory, and 4) apply that theory to your case. If the theory helps explain the criminal, it is a good theory to use. If the theory does not help explain your criminal, it is not a good theory to use. Tie in concepts to specific facts of your case.

B) You are to use theory in the short paper, EXAMPLE OF USING THEORY:

Ross Ulbricht enjoyed the feelings of power he had in creating the Silk Road and in raking in 1.2 billion dollars in sales from illegal drugs, guns, and he even made money from the hiring of hit men. The Psychological Theories focus on the role of personality in the formation of a criminal. Jean Piaget created Moral Development Theory which holds that as a child develops they began to understand that the world does not revolve around them and they began to develop a conscience and reasoning skills. Ross Ulbricht never developed a conscience as his behavior contributed to thousands of drug addictions and to deaths due to overdoses from the drugs he sold and yet he felt no remorse. Piaget said that most people develop the ability to appreciate the needs and feelings of others but this never occurred for Ulbricht. Ross never developed morality according to this theory which explains his behavior and helps us understand his criminality and the reason why he would be a poor choice for rehabilitation, as he lacked the ability to move past his egocentrism..

Don’t worry about the Biological Theory