Discuss your analysis based on the Pivot tables that you create.

Discuss your analysis based on the Pivot tables that you create. How did applying advanced financial statement analytical methods such as Pivot Tables aid you in decision analysis and in decision making?
YouTube.com has numerous videos illustrating how to create Pivot tables if you are not familiar with how to create them. Review your colleagues’ postings and make a minimum of 2 response postings so that you have postings on a minimum of 3 days of the week.
Please click on the link above to access the discussion threads. No later than Wednesday, post your initial response to Discussion 2 and Friday to discussion 1. Each of the two-class discussion threads is required. A minimum of 3 value-adding postings on three different days are required for discussion 2. A minimum of 2 value-adding postings are required for Discussion 1.
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