Write a reseach paper on Feminist Criticism theory

Write a reseach paper on Feminist Criticism theory
Marxist Criticism
New Historicism
Psychological Criticism
Please read Chapter 9 for descriptions of how each theory works. You will also want to do some extra research for this project:

Additional research on your chosen theory so that you feel comfortable with their concerns and philosophical orientations.
Other scholars interpretations of your text using your critical theory. Your job in this essay is to find new insights into the text that the other scholars have not considered.
For the first kind of research, you may use whatever search methods you would like, as long as you think I would find it credible and valid.

For the second kind of research, do not use Google. Instead, use these databases to find more sources: https://guides.lib.udel.edu/englishamlit/databases (Links to an external site.). These databases will be far more useful for you that a simple Google search. If you simply must use Google, use Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/ (Links to an external site.). This searches for sources that have been reviewed by experts and are of higher quality.