What are the ethical issues involved in striving to define or impact the culture of a unit?

Address the questions in the case using concepts and theories from the text to support your argument.

Corporate Culture

You are a corporate vice president of one of the largest units in your organization. Unfortunately, you have noticed over the past few years that your unit has developed a singular focus on profits, since employees’ performance appraisals and resulting compensation increases are based in significant part on “making the numbers.” Though the unit has done well in this regard, you have noticed that people have been known to cut corners, to treat others less respectfully than you would like, and to generally disregard other values in favor of the bottom line. While this might be beneficial to the firm in the short run, you have grave concerns about the long-term sustainability of this approach.


What are the ethical issues involved in striving to define or impact the culture of a unit?
How might you go about defining the culture of your unit so that employees might be able to understand your concerns?
What will be the most effective means by which to alter this culture?
What stakeholders would be involved in your suggestion in response to the previous question? How might the different stakeholder groups be impacted by your decision on this process?
How can you act in order to ensure the most positive results? How will you measure those results or determine your success? Will you measure inputs or outcomes, responsibilities, and rights?

It is easy to reveal the unethical behavior in the cases you are evaluating, but where you need to stretch your ethical ability is to demonstrate how these issues are connected to the ethical theory in the textbook. For example, in this case a company may have committed some unethical acts to meet a company goal.

Now you have to answer the questions and address them in the context of the situation: Was this egoism, was it inattentional blindness? was it change blindness?, does this violate virtue ethics or principle based ethics? Did the organization have a code of conduct or ethics officer? and can you analyze this situation using the ethical decision making framework?

So what this means is you need to review the key ethical terms and make sure you understand the meaning of these terms so you can apply them correctly. As previously stated, this information, should be written in the responses using APA in-text citations and References.

See case rubric below the guidelines.

Format Guidelines

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Cover page (APA format)
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Within the responses you must include a minimum of 5 ethical concepts from the textbook and a minimum of 3 outside sources from the Peirce periodical databases. The inclusion of this content must be documented with APA citations and a References page.
Essay Format and Doubled-Spaced
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Textbook: Business Ethics: Decision Making for Personal Integrity & Social Responsibility
Laura P. Hartman (5th Edition)