Option 3 – “The hybrid model”: This involves the integration of police and social workers/mental hea

Please contact me for resourcesYour final paper will be 6-8 pages double-spaced and will use APA style (including an APA title page, page numbers on each page, and a formal reference section). You must include full APA reference (in text) citations for all materials taken from other sources and included in your paper (author last name, date, and page number). These sources should also be listed on an APA style reference page included with your paper.Basic Criteria:• 6-8 pages, double-spaced• Minimum of 4 academic sources and any additional media sources you choose tointegrateo You may use the textbook as one of your academic sources• APA style referencing and title page (No Abstract or running head necessary)• Page numbers on each page• Formal references section, APA style, single-spaced• Formato Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11-point font o 1’’ (2.54cm) margins on all sideso Double-spaced