Material and Methods

SLO # 8 – Analyze Materials, Equipment and Methods used to construct structures


The following is an example of a construction Scope Of Work (SOW):

a. Foundation forming

b. Foundation concrete reinforcing

c. Foundation concrete pouring

d. Steel framing

e. Concrete forming and shoring

f. Concrete floors pouring

g. Interior walls framing, cold formed steel

h. Exterior glass cladding façade

i. Interior walls finishing (gypsum board, fire resistant)

Using MS Word type document, describe each activity included in the given above SOW with respect to materials, equipment and methods of construction.

Use Times New Roman font, 12 size, double-spaced text. The narrative must be construction professional vocabulary with grammar and punctuation checks before submission. A minimum of 11 pages is required, not including the front page, table of contents page and bibliography last page.

APA 6th Edition citation is enforced for giving credit to the material used by you which was published by others. MS Word will help you format that (on the ribbon, click on References tab, Insert Citation will show drop-down, click on Add New Source and a dialog box opens. Select Type of Source at the top, drop-down will show you the available types of sources you can cite. Select what applies to you and fill in all the applicable info in each field, including the URL at the end). Plagiarism is subject to referral to the Academic Integrity Office, as explained in the course Syllabus.