Identify a gap or change opportunity: What are you trying to accomplish?



For this assignment, use what you learned about quality improvement, identifying a problem or gap, creating SMART objectives, and drafting a project AIM Statement as you develop Part 1 of your Project Charter from a nursing, public health, or health administrative perspective.

Use the Project Charter Template [DOCX] to complete the following items found in Part 1:

Project Name: Create a title for your Project Charter.
Make the title specific and distinct from other projects so the reader knows the goal and wants to learn more.
Be creative in developing your title
Gap Analysis: In this section, identify a gap or change opportunity: What are you trying to accomplish?
Identify a relevant gap or problem that you are interested in, are passionate about, are familiar with or know about, or have experienced in your professional life.
Describe the current state; for example, the existing condition or what you want to improve.
Describe the desired condition: What should be happening?
Explain how you identified the problem, gap or opportunity for change. What is the difference between the current status and what it should be?
Why is improvement needed in this area? Why is this problem important/meaningful/relevant?
Evidence to Support the Need: In this section, present evidence to support the need for improvement. What evidence do you have to substantiate the gap or problem exists?