2nd version – Business Negotiations skills

first of all, because I am having limited time , i will not extend the deadline.

second, the most important to me is Quality of analysis – strengths and weaknesses of the theories, and critical evaluation of relevant theory

– This is an MBA course called Business Negotiation, and I want the best writer for this project, I want an old writer in the website with high ratings and experience. The most important thing for me is the high quality of the paper, not the delivery time, so I want the best high quality for this paper as it worth 100% marks in this course. Therefore, if I found that the quality is bad, in this case I will put a very low rating.
– We are a group of 4 students and we should Create a virtual poster to show what our team has learned about applying negotiation skills during the week in class.
– So try to create and to imagine different scenarios that happened between 4 people in the group and that we have communicated, negotiated, worked and participated with each other.
– The most important thing is to include too many different theories mentioned in the slides about business negotiation in the poster and critically analysis the theories.

Consider including:
– The challenges for negotiation of having to work in a virtual environment.
– What went well and what could you have done differently?
– Which of the theories and negotiation models were relevant to your team and that you observed?
– Your team profile as seen by Belbin, MBTI .
– Keeping a team diary of the week – what happened and how did you all feel? (Reflective practitioner)
– You must include a word summary for the poster.
– Write between 1050 and 1100 words in the summary.

– I want you to make 6 figures in a word document along with summary. Then I will transform it by myself into a poster to explain it to the doctor and delete the unnecessary things by myself.
– Make sure that you do the figures by yourself and don’t copy and paste them from the internet and I want the best quality and great looking figures.
– Share a draft with me on Wednesday afternoon to see if you are going in the right path for the project.
– There is no need for References and Citation.
– There is no need for introduction and conclusion, just write directly about the topic.

– I have uploaded also the Slides for this course as there are 5 PowerPoint files for 5 days during the week of this course so read it to have an idea about the course and try to search about the theories in the internet understand and to link them with the poster and summary.

– Assessment criteria for the poster- each 20% (very important)

– Structure, visual impact, clarity and flow of the virtual poster.

– Relevance of models and theories used to understand the negotiation environment

– Quality of analysis – strengths and weaknesses of the theories, and critical evaluation of relevant theory

– Evidence of group effort

– Relevance, depth, and quality of the written summary