System admin attitudes for Bring Your Own Device policies for laptop devices

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With the increase in acceptance of Bring your own Device(BYOD) policy in an organization has become new trend. It allows their employees to use of personal laptop device for both private and business purpose. This new trend of BYOD has brought opportunities for businesses and their employees but it is associated with security risk. This research focuses to investigate the attitude of system admins towards Bring your own device policy acceptance with Laptop devices. For this study, we will conduct an interview with 16 system admins from different
organizations to get the perception of BYOD adoption with laptop devices. This research study will cover system admins who has already implemented the BYOD policy or in process of implementation. The interview with system admins will be a research contribution to improve protection from security risk
and the benefits of implementing the BYOD in an organization.

1. Introduction
1.1 Background of Bring your own device for laptops
1.2 Benefits of Bring your own device for laptops
1.3 Risk of Bring your own device for latops
1.4 Research questions
RQ1: What will be most distinct benefit of adding BYOD policy laptop devices
from the regular compliant devices in the company ?
RQ2: What are the weakness and gaps with the security policy with BYOD with laptop devices.
RQ3 : What strategies considered as system admin with BYOD policies with laptop devices security on BYOD vs company devices to prevent from attacks and threats ?

2. Literature Review

3. Methods
Qualitative method
Interview sampling criteria and rationale
Data collection
Data analysis
Limitation and delimitation
The assumptions were identified during the research and evaluating this assumption before collecting the data and analyzing the data may help with the approach or design. The main assumption of this research is that globally organizations are adopting the BYOD security policy compliance. This research will have the limitations: This study will sample consist of only system administrators. Another limitation would be the size of data, N=16 using the qualitative method. The focus of this research would be on analyzing the perspective of the system administrators on BYOD with laptop devices.

4. Conclusion

Questions for system admins interview
1. Why was BYOD policy implemented for laptop devices ?
2. How was the BYOD policy implemented and what software is used to support BYOD laptop devices ? would you recommend the solution to other organizations?
3. Do you restrict users to bring any specific brand of laptops for BYOD policy? what is your prefer brand and why ?
4. Do you think the BYOD policy should be restricted to full time employees or open to contractors, interns ? why or why not
5. Do you think that BYOD laptop devices should have more, less or same restrictions and policies applied as company’s issued laptop? why or why not
6. In your opinion, is company security posture compromised by allowing BYOD laptop devices to connect corporate network ?
7. In your opinion, do you think provisioning new hire equipment easier with BYOD policy or company issued laptops ? why ?
8. In your opinion, Is implementing BYOD policy for laptop devices is beneficial or harmful ? Why ?
9. what are your thoughts on implementing MFA for BYOD laptop devices ?Is it needed or not ?
10.In your opinion, what will be challenges faced managing the case where user has lost BYOD laptop vs company issued laptop device ? Which one is easier to deal with ?
11. In your opinion, what are some BYOD laptop device risks ?
12. How are the BYOD laptop devices vs company issued laptops maintained? In your opinion which one is easier
13. In your opinion, does the BYOD laptop policy benefits organization with cost saving?
14. In your opinion, are there any downside of BYOD for laptop devices?
15. In your opinion, What additional steps to be implemented to tighten security with BYOD policy for laptop devices?