brain rules

Listen to approx 30 minutes of speeches or lectures from the following link (copy and paste into your web browser)
about a subject that interests you somewhat but is not about a topic with which you are familiar. Write 1 page about your experience. Describe why you selected to view the speech or lecture you viewed. Explain what worked well for you and what did not. Address your challenges using this system.

Then answer the below questions (should be 2 pages with responses)
One or more paragraphs about using the question in the margin system.
Do you find that six steps works best for you, or do you have another system you prefer? Your system may not be six steps.

One or more paragraphs about how you did on the reading comprehension test. This is your self assessment for the week. Why were you surprised or not surprised by the outcome? How can you improve your skills in the future?

One or more paragraphs specifically about your obstacles to listening. See exercise 6. 2 to help guide you. Address what you can do to improve your listening. Use exercise 6.3 to guide you.
One or more paragraphs internal and external distractions that keep you from concentrating when you are reading or listening. Base this part on the log of distractions you kept (see Reading and Preparation). What can you do to improve your concentration?

a)How might your reading, listening and note-taking strategy differ for reading and listening to information in different formats such as: online, hard copy print (like textbooks), listening to a lecture in which you see someone, listening to audio when there is nothing to view? Over time, it may be that all textbook and other reference materials for courses will be online and not print. Consider whether you currently prefer or would prefer electronic texts to print texts. Why or why not? How would you feel if you could only read material online and could not purchase bound texts?
For your information, some of your courses at Brandman may offer options of electronic or print texts. Electronic texts are typically less costly, so, if you are not comfortable using the, you may wish to practice strategies to become more at home with them. Often you may still use your own printer to print hard copies of journals, texts, etc., but the ink and paper can become costly, and sometimes the pages are not formatted to print out in a way that is as reader friendly as the online version.
b)Try visual mapping and discuss how it may or may not work for you.

we are using PRACTICING COLLEGE LEARNING STRATEGIES, Seventh Edition, Carolyn H. Hopper
Cengage Learning
7th ed.
must be in apa format and must cite sources