Write a research paper : Studying the local economic impact of the launch of M-pesa by the telecommunications company operating in Kenya, owned by the British Vodafone Group

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Write a research paper : Studying the local economic impact of the launch of M-pesa by the telecommunications company operating in Kenya, owned by the British Vodafone Group The growing adoption of mobile financial technology -mobile money (use of a mobile phone to access financial services) and mobile banking (access of banking services using a mobile phone)- is expected to spur financial inclusion in developing countries where around 2.5 billion adults do not have a formal account and about 80% of poor adults are excluded from formal financial sector (Klapper and Singer, 2014). More precisely, mobile money innovation refers to the use of a mobile phone to perform financial transactions such as remittances, payment of bills, purchase of goods and services, access to credit and savings through cash in and cash out functions. The cell phone acts as an electronic wallet based on the technology of short messaging services that do not require access to internet to make payment, transfer and/or store money. The distinguishing feature at the core of this innovation is that mobile money account can be accessed without having an account at a financial institution but mobile money users who already possess a bank account have the possibility to connect both accounts. Since the successful launch of M-PESA in Kenya in 2007, this innovation has dramatically changed the way people access financial services and has had an impact on the local Kenyan economy. In 2002, researchers from the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization discovered that there is a “transaction” in Uganda, Ghana and other countries – people use the time of mobile phone calls as a way of remittance, for example: I buy the time for your mobile phone, you can transfer This call time sells for money. Inspired by this phenomenon, in 2007, safaricom, a subsidiary of Vodafone, the largest mobile network operator in Kenya, launched M-PESA.Before the advent of M-Pesa, in Kenya, people had lower income levels and higher fees for banking services. Only a small number of people used traditional banking services. The phenomenon of “financial exclusion” was very serious in both rural and urban areas. In addition, Kenyans who work overseas have to incur expensive processing fees if they want to send the money they earn home. Considering the bank’s high account maintenance fees, strict minimum deposit requirements, limited number of cash withdrawals and few and far-flung business outlets, combined with the fact that Kenya’s local mobile phone penetration rate is greater than the banking service penetration rate, DFID put this news. Provided to Vodafone, a British multinational telecommunications group, hoping to design a remittance system used on mobile phones to support local people to transfer funds by sending and receiving text messages. Check the literature There are many introductions to M-pesa, but there is no literature analyzing Vodafone’s direct investment in Kenya’s mobile telecommunications – the launch of M-pesa and the impact on Kenya’s national economy. This article wants to study how Safaricom, the telecommunications company operated by Vodafone Group in Kenya, has continued to grow in Kenya, and how the launch of M-PESA will affect the Kenyan economy. Reference:

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