Discuss how the portrayal of these two Roman men is similar to or different from their depictions in the film Cleopatra.


HUM 298.01: Ancient History in Art and Cinema

Due date: May 9, 2022 @ 4:30 PM (extensions will not be granted!)
Length: a minimum of 3 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman
Delivery method: email

Question: Using 4 quotations (with appropriate book and page numbers) from your reading of Plutarch’s Life of Julius Caesar and Life of Marc Antony, discuss how the portrayal of these two Roman men is similar to or different from their depictions in the film Cleopatra. Your examples must include 4 different quotations (2 for Caesar and 2 for Antony) and specific scenes in the film that we watched in class.

Your papers will be graded on the following criteria:

a) The 4 quotations you chose and how they relate to the rest of the reading of that individual’s biography. If you cannot cite 4 quotations (plus book and page numbers) with appropriate arguments, you will not receive credit. No quotations = no credit.

b) how well you can connect the 4 quotations to what you learned in this course, including the film Cleopatra that we watched. You can also bring in comparative material from the other films.

c) the clarity and originality of your argument. This means that you must give considerable
thought to your answers.

d) your writing and editing. If your responses are grammatically incorrect and/or your sentences form a “word salad”, you will not receive credit. For this reason, it is a good idea to not only work on this paper long before the due date, but, if you are having problems, to use the Writing Center before you submit it.

• Please note that no points will be awarded if this final exam is less than 3 pages. Also, plagiarism of any kind will result in a grade of F for the course and appropriate disciplinary action as stipulated by the university.
• Please also note that I will not read your paper before the due date since by now you already have the necessary background from the course (the relevant PowerPoint presentations can be found on BB). You also have over two weeks to complete this assignment so any help you may need with it should be addressed to the Writing Center.
• Late submissions will not be accepted and will result in a grade of F for the final exam.

Please write this well, my professor is a tough grader, cite quotes correctly. Please read the above carefully and follow step by step .

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