What is required of you is to pick 5 of the following to talk about?

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Below are the learning exercises for Chapter 11. What is required of you is to pick 5 of the following to talk about? Each one will require a 2 to 3 paragraph informational response. This will be in the form of an essay paper. The 1st page is the Title page, the content pages you will have each section separated with the question you have chosen, the last page will be a reference page. Some may require research. This is an assignment for grading.
Using the tools listed in 11.3 section, pick a brand of your choice, and monitor it for a period of one week or more. See what you learn about the brand. Observe what people say and how they say it. Observe if the brand talks back and, if they do, what they say.
When dealing with complaints or criticism, why should a company try to take them offline first?
How do you think a company can encourage customers to use established customer-service channels as opposed to social media, and what are the benefits of doing so?
Vodacom has a representative on the forum http://www.mybroadband.co.za (Links to an external site.). Visit the forum and consider the style the representative, “vodacom3G,” uses when posting. Does it sound like a corporation or like an individual? What is the effect of the style that the poster uses?
Think of an example of a negative brand-name search, and what a PPC (paid-per-click) ad that offers the company’s point of view may look like.
Can you think of another situation where these insights can be beneficial to a company?
Choose a company and use at least one of the services listed in this chapter to gain an overview of its online reputation. Find a positive mention, a neutral mention, and a negative mention and determine the influence of each. What action would you recommend for each?

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