John Lautner′s organic architecture.

Within the introduction, you should set up the scope of your paper and briefly explain the question or problem that you will examine. In other words, you should include a brief history about your topic followed by the thesis. Be sure to include what your argument or point is going to be, as well as your XYZ statement that explains three elements that you′ll be investigating in the body paragraphs. The body of your paper should be a methodical presentation of your information/argument. You must use scholarly evidence as necessary, which may include fine and decorative artworks, examples of material culture, quotations, case studies, etc. You are encouraged to consult primary sources whenever applicable. The conclusion will then summarize your work and may, but not necessarily, present ideas for further investigation. Remember that even if you choose to write analytically about your topic, rather than take a side to argue, your work will still inherently have a point of view that you will need to support with research. Think of what story you want to tell. What is the big idea? What is your main question and how will you answer it by the end of your paper? III. Sources All sources from which you draw information and evidence must be scholarly in nature and appropriate for use in an academic paper. The use of Wikipedia or non-academic blogs and websites will result in an automatic loss of points related to quality of sources. Any other non-academic source will be evaluated on an individual basis and may also result in loss of points. Please note that you may only use two websites as part of your bibliography, and they must be credible and reliable. This does not mean that you cannot use digital sources, like scholarly articles found on JSTOR or Project Muse, or digitized versions of books, like on Project Gutenberg; rather it limits your use of lesser academic sources, or ones that may not contain accurate information.

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