Write a letter to the Computers Are Us shop owner, Karen Usher, asking for help with your situation.

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Mod 4 Letter Assignment
Write a full block style letter in response to the prompt below. For a review of full block style letters, please see chapter 2 of the WC textbook.
You purchased a laptop six days ago at the local computer shop, Computers Are Us, for $1,200. In addition to selling new computers, the shop also provides a computer repair service. You saved for six months and invested in this expensive model in hopes it would last throughout your college coursework. Last night, you forgot to put away your laptop after working on a big assignment at the kitchen table. This morning, your two-year-old nephew spilled chocolate milk on your laptop keyboard. The keys are sticking now, and the laptop is unusable. To make matters worse, you can’t retrieve the important assignment you had been working on because it’s saved to the laptop hard drive. The laptop came with a limited warranty, but you are pretty sure accidental damage isn’t covered. You declined the option to purchase an extended warranty when you bought the laptop. Write a letter to the Computers Are Us shop owner, Karen Usher, asking for help with your situation. You want to know if it’s possible to purchase the extended warranty now. If it’s not possible, you want to know the approximate cost of repairing the laptop. You also want help retrieving the lost assignment you were working on. The shop’s address is 99 Lefty Street, Athens, GA 30607.

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