Explain how they can integrate with each other in the framework.

1. Hadoop is one of the top frameworks in for Big Data. It is having a very widespread adoption in the industry today. Hadoop processes complex Big Data with its simple to use tools, providing ease of use for the users. With that, answer the following questions: i. Choose FIVE (5) tools in Hadoop. ii. Explain the main functions and how they are used (with diagram). iii. Explain how they can integrate with each other in the framework. iv. Explain how the tools can help make Big Data easier to use (discuss about the interface). v. Who developed the tool? Include history Where was the framework developed? Why was it developed? Notice: First: Write an introduction of Big data tools . Introduce Hadoop where it will give the reader attention , Give the reader a summary of previous research- what is already known about the topic . -Set up your research by formulating a clear problem to be solved- what is not known Provide a little background study and more relevant study regarding according to machine learning tools in hadoop and more . Additional research the questions above , is not not just answering the question itself research the question and make it into a full report . Add on with a Conclusion to finish regarding what this report is all about like summarize , identify significant flaws or gaps in existing knowledge; outline areas for future study; link your research to existing knowledge. Further notice: Your can use your own idea to do the research which can surpass what the cquestion paper stated :

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