Discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

For these weeks assignment, youll explore in-depth the tools that are used to create visual content for websites, social media, and emails.

For this assignment, we will focus on three categories of tools:

Web design. These are tools that help you create and edit websites.
Photo editors. These are tools that help you edit, sharpen, and size photos.
Image editors for social media. These are tools that help you create social media posts using graphics.
For each of the three categories listed above, identify three different tools. Discuss their strengths and weaknesses.
Identify their cost (especially note if they are free!).
Provide your recommendation vis-a-vis the tool, identifying who should use it (beginner, skilled, expert, for example), and whether you believe it is good value. Explain.
Submission Requirements

Draft your results using PowerPoint or another slide presentation application, with one tool per slide. Include screenshots or other visuals associated with the tool.
Provide in-depth descriptions and analyses of the tools in your speaker notes.
Include a conclusion slide at the end that summarizes and synthesizes your work. (HINT: a table with criteria and your evaluations would be handy for your conclusion.)