What is your recommendation to the organization?

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You are in charge of conducting an analysis for your organization to determine if there is a difference in product sales between the day shift, the night shift, and the weekend shift. Your coworker has already collected the data and they are ready for you to analyze.

Review the data your coworker collected in the Analysis of ANOVA Test Data Spreadsheet.

First, plan your analysis. Second, conduct your analysis. Third, describe your analysis.
Include the following elements in your presentation.

Part 1: Planning

What are the null and alternative hypotheses?
Where did you obtain your data or who obtained it for you?

Part 2: Analysis

What are the descriiptive statistics for your sample? Include:
Sample size
Standard deviation
Analysis procedures: What did you do to conduct your analysis?

Part 3: Results and Discussion

What are the test statistics and results? Include
f statistic
What are the results? Are the results inferable to the population?
Do you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? Explain.
What do the results mean? What is your recommendation to the organization?

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