Write a paper on Amazon financial ratio analysis

The financial data in your report will come from the Bloomberg Terminal. The data must span at least ten years, with the latest year being 2020 and must include the ratios presented in the list below. Your analysis should also include a comparison of your company to the industry standards, based on the information that will be uploaded to Blackboard (Excel file “Industry Data” in Instructor’s Assessments under Assignment Folder). You can also include any other additional relevant information regarding the company of your choice.
• Current Ratio
• Quick Ratio
• Cash Ratio
• Total Debt to Equity
• Total Debt to Assets
• Interest Coverage Ratio (Interest to EBIT)
you should do an analysis for this 6 ratios.(use the ratios from 2011 to 2020) I will attach an exel file of the amazon ratios from bloomberg. I will also attach a file for the industry ratios (use the software ratios). I will attach an example of how you should do the analysis of amazon. for every ratio from the 6 you should write 1 paragraphs. for the amazon analyis and for the comparison to the industry. In the example i didn’t write the comparison part so make sure to write it. also make sure to find the reasons of why the ratios are increasing or decreasing in article and site them. Use simple english.