What consequences do you think that issue creates in our healthcare system?

Double space, and 12 type font. Your narrative needs to answer all the points below (be organized: intro, body, and conclusion). Explain in your words the difference between the two terms (medication adherence and compliance). Explain if you have done one or both and how often, and the circumstances around your decision Have you witnessed these behaviors (identify the one(s) at home (parents, grandparents, other family members), and can you recall adverse consequences. In your opinion, does family behaviors influence our way of behaving in this issue? How so? We often hear that medication was expensive, so is it fair to have put insurance through the expense or pay out of pocket for something we know we will not take or finish. What consequences do you think that issue creates in our healthcare system? Critical predictors of adherence are trust, understanding, and provider-patient relationships, so as a health care provider, how would you help your patient on this issue.

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