Explain the two main sources of genetic diversity.

The following questions are based on assigned textbook readings. Answer each question as completely as possible. Be sure to proofread your work carefully for correct spelling, grammar, and usage.

Avoid merely copying sentences or paragraphs from the textbook. Use your own words to demonstrate your understanding. [MO4.1, MO4.2, MO4.3, MO4.4, MO4.5, MO4.6]

1. Explain the two main sources of genetic diversity.

2. Describe the four mechanisms of evolution.

3. Explain two types of evidence to support evolution.

4. Explain the meaning of speciation.

5. List and explain the three domains of life.

6. Define taxonomy, and list the eight levels of classification (beginning with domain).

7. Use the Linnaean classification system to fully classify the human species Homo sapiens.

8. Distinguish between analogous and homologous traits, providing explanations of each.

9. Explain the purpose of cladistics.