Responding to Cybercrime – Public and Private Cooperation Against Cybercrime.

This essay will be writing about cybercrime responses from public and private sectors against emerging cybercrime. (1). The first part will focus on how public sectors respond to cybercrime, analysis the effectiveness, and find the limitations. (2). The second part will focus on how the private sector responds to cybercrime and the challenges. (3). Then, you will discuss efforts by both public and private sectors to respond to cybercrime. You will suggest there is a need to foster public and private cooperation. You will then recommend strengthening the partnership between public and private sectors to work together moving forward. Three main themes are 1. shared interest requires a collective effort 2. coordination and taking the appropriate course of actions in a collaborative manner; 3. benefit of partnering to combat cybercrime. You must clearly define what you mean by public vs private entities. You also need to be clear on what types of cybercrimes you are examining & the different (sometimes conflicting) outcomes that are sought – identifying an offender to prosecute or simply recovering / restoring services to business as usual. This is a research exercise designed to assess student’s substantive knowledge of course content, relevant academic literature, and ability to present and develop a cogent argument. The paper should be written in formal academic style and in correct, grammatical, and succinct English. The paper should be structured with an introduction that clearly sets out the essay argument, a body that builds the argument using evidence and examples, and a conclusion that integrates the arguments made and relates them back to the question. Hope that makes sense.Show more

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