Write an essay on one country where you plan to teach EFL in the future

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Write an essay on one country where you plan to teach EFL in the future. Your essay should address all three of the following ideas: Surface-level cultural differences such as food, dress, celebrations, etc. Deep-level cultural differences such as peoples attitudes, values/beliefs, etc. Classroom and educational culture such as student-teacher/student-student relationships, educational systems, dress code, etc. Use at least three sources and write 750 – 1,000 words. You may include pictures too if you wish. Be sure to acknowledge each source using the preferred citation method of your instructor. To help you in your research, you may like to consult the following sources: I WILL LIKE TO TEACH IN THE UAE DUBAI. BECUASE OF THE BEAUTIFUL CULTURE AND PEOPLE AND HOW SAFE IT IS THEIR AND HOW THEY NEED ALOT OF ENGLISH SPEAKING LANGUAGE TEACHERS THEIR AND ITS BEEN MY PASSION AND ITS A FAMILY COUNTRY TO RAISE MY FAMILY.Show more

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