Write a research paper on The Australian Labor Party (ALP) arose as the political arm of the labour movement. Is the ALP still a ‘workers’ party.

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Write a research paper on The Australian Labor Party (ALP) arose as the political arm of the labour movement. Is the ALP still a ‘workers’ party.Conduct further research Your essay plan would have raised key topic areas and ideas which you can use to orientate your research for this essay. In your essay, you must draw on at least ten peerreviewed scholarly texts. You may include reflections upon discussions with your peers that have taken place on the discussion board, remembering to cite these conversations appropriately in your essay. The Research (Links to an external site.) guides in the Student Hub will help you to find academic resources. While you conduct your research, new ideas and evidence may emerge. You can choose to tweak your essay plan or modify any arguments you have made that takes into account such developments. Be clear about what you want to say, in light of what you have discovered since you first answered the essay question. Step 2: Familiarise yourself with the requirements Take a look at the Assignment criteria for more detail on how your essay will be assessed. Keep it handy as you write your essay. Step 3: Write your draft essay By having prepared a detailed essay plan, you should find it easier to begin writing. If you are struggling at the first draft stage, go back to your essay plan and ask yourself: Do you need to revise the plan? Are your ideas and arguments clear? Do you have sufficient evidence? Where are the gaps? You may find the Essay planning and structure (PDF 352 KB) Download Essay planning and structure (PDF 352 KB)guide helpful during this phase. It is really important to ensure that you incorporate the feedback provided to you by your eLA for Assignment 3A: Essay plan in your essay. Referencing Review the ‘Referencing’ and ‘Plagiarism areas of Academic Practice (Links to an external site.) to assist you in understanding why appropriate referencing is important. Refer to the Swinburne Harvard style guide (Links to an external site.) for help with referencing. Step 4: Finalise and submit your essay Provide you complete the following steps before submitting your final essay: Take a break before you review your draft. Print out a hard copy of your essay.

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