What is a sacrament and how is teaching sacramental?

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Religion: Transformation: School Interview Scenario: Even the most difficult teaching situation can become a moment of grace if we take the time to build the right atmosphere. You have had difficulties with your student Crystal all year long. She seems bright enough, but doesn’t want to do much work. Her parents have not particularly been cooperative when you have called. Now, it is the Spring interviews and the family has requested that a school administrator sit in on the interview. You will be in the conference room by the office. You hear from a colleague that this family ambushed a teacher last year at the interviews and she later left your school. You are concerned, but confident. Discussion Forms: 1. How do you prepare for this interview? 2. How do you establish an atmosphere in the room that will make it a sacramental moment for all of you? 3. What is a sacrament and how is teaching sacramental?

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